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Easter Flowers

Easter flowers serve as a beautiful reminder that Easter is a time for rejoicing and celebra...Read More


Just a brief post to let everyone know that we are home, safe and sound! Looking forward to...Read More


There is a hymn that Xhosa churches sing every Sunday after the first scripture reading, it ...Read More

Sibanye: Photos from March 17

  See all trip updates 'blog style'   Find the latest updates at...  ...Read More

Tall Poppies

Today we learned about something called “tall poppy syndrome”. A “tall po...Read More

Magnificent Extremes

South Africa is a place of magnificent extremes. In one minute you can be seeing the most...Read More

The Gift of Life

“Oh God, thank you for the gift of life...” I start so many prayers that way. ...Read More

Unjani - "How are you?"

There was a little girl waiting for us outside of the Seki Women's Foundation when we arrive...Read More

Sianithanda - "We love you!"

Above: This is the congregation we worshiped with at j.y. hliso. When they meet someone new ...Read More


This group of young people met us at the airport. They we're part of the youth exchange I le...Read More

Good News, Bad News

Well, the good news is we've landed! the bad news is that we missed our connector in Jo'burg...Read More

Heading to South Africa

We have made it through security at JFK! After a warm (read: sarcasm) new York welcome from ...Read More

Sibanye Updates

Here you'll find the latest updates on our Sibanye team's visit to South Africa....Read More