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Photos of Mission to Maine 2017

Photo updates during the week will be posted here! Our Mission to Maine team will be in rural Maine...Read More

Support Opportunity: Sparrow's Nest

Watch this video to learn what our friends in Maine will be doing at the Sparrow's Nest t...Read More

Video: Mission to Maine 2013

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MTM 2013: Second Annual Bowling Costume Party

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MTM 2013: Wednesday's Photos

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Fitting Together

It's amazing what a little water can do.  The current of the Colorado River forming the...Read More

MTM 2013: Monday's Photos

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What's this? Could it be?

A mini mural! The mini mural is going to go perfectly with the Nest and new deck! &n...Read More

MTE 2013: Tuesday's Photos

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Looking for Tom's Site

This year my job on the Mission to Maine team is to chronicle the daily progress on the work...Read More

Jesus Colored Lenses

 "The Lord does not see as mortals see; they look on the outward appearance, but the ...Read More

Mission to Maine Kick-Off Meeting and Lunch

Red Clay is offering a multi-generational Mission Trip to Maine July 6-13, 2013, and we woul...Read More

The New Mural at the Sparrow's Nest

[Updated with Day 4 -- It's done!]  Red Clay and its partners in West Mills, Maine cont...Read More


“Where do I go when I’m thirsty and dry? I go to Camp at the Eastward and I al...Read More

From Our Youth...

This post is brought to you by a handful of our youth in Maine. MY FAVORITE GIFFORD’S...Read More

Tuesday Photos from Maine

Webmaster's Note: The following photos were provided by Karen Tronto. ...Read More

TeDium and Te Deum

Today I learned (or was reminded) that there is a very thin line between TeDium and Te Deum....Read More

Monday Photos from Maine

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Sunday Photos from Maine

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A Few Bumps, Twists, and Turns

What is a road trip if there’s not a few bumps, twists, and turns? At an early rest s...Read More

Mission to Maine 2012

Please keep the mission team and those in West Mills in your prayers this week and follow the team's activities via their blog posts here at and on our Facebook page....Read More

Mission to Maine 2011: Extreme Makeover!

Reflections on the week by some of our mission trippers......Read More

A Look Back on Maine

Please enjoy this video produced by one of our multi-generational "pods."   See...Read More

More Maine Photos

Photos courtesy of Erin Lassahn and the Daily Bulldog.   Reload this page to restar...Read More

My First Mission Trip

This was my first mission trip to Maine, and this has been a real life changing trip for me ...Read More

John's Update from Maine

With any large project you choose to take on, it is sometimes hard to see quick results. B...Read More

A Community's Center is Rebuilt.

Check out this link for the local paper's writeup of our project. Click here.   ...Read More

Go Brush Your Teeth

Safety. That is a major theme of the week. Safety. We want to get a lot of work done, but th...Read More

Photos from Maine

Photos courtesy of Erin Lassahn. Reload this page to restart slideshow.   See ...Read More

Our Youth in Maine

It takes little effort and even less imagination to join the chorus of voices who lament the...Read More

A Spectacular Mess

The tables in the Arts and Crafts shack at Camp at the Eastward, where eleven of us stayed l...Read More