A Word from Pastor Randy - March 25, 2021

As Jesus’ ministry was drawing to a close, he entered Jerusalem.  As he entered the city his followers waved leafy branches and shouted “Hosanna”, a cry which expressed adoration, praise, and joy and which means something like “Save us”.   It was a greeting fit for a king.  Although Jesus was riding on a lowly donkey, the people greeted him as a Savior.  While they understood that Jesus was a Savior, they were wrong in their expectation that Jesus would wrest political and military control from the Romans and immediately restore the fortunes of the holy city of Jerusalem.  They were right in their hope that he is the Messiah, they just did not quite understand what it meant that Jesus is Lord.  As one biblical scholar has said, “He is no less King than their words suggest, but his kingdom is other and more than they dare think.”

As we celebrate Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem this weekend, may we find new hope in the knowledge that Jesus’ kingdom is more than we may dare think sometimes too.