A Window to the Session & Deacons: The Child Protection Committee

“What are Session and all those committees doing?” and “How can I help with the work of the Church?” are frequently asked questions around Red Clay. A Window into the activities of Session and the Deacons, and their many activities and committees, will be a regular feature of Life at the Creek, appearing every several weeks and highlighting the mission and activities of Deacons or the various Session Committees. If you would like to learn more, participate in a committee or Deacon activity, or join a committee to help further its work, please contact the Committee Chair or a committee member to learn more.

 Child Protection Committee Purpose and Goals:

The overall goal is to implement our Covenant of Care for Children and Youth at Red Clay Creek Presbyterian Church.

 The child protection committee, a committee of session, was formed in 2013 following concerns raised over the safety of our children and youth in church programs.  Our initial goal was to develop guidelines and principles based on the procedures of Presbytery, of other area churches, law enforcement, our insurance carrier, legal contacts and family services.  From this, Our Covenant of Care for our Children and Youth at Red Clay Creek Presbyterian Church was drafted, and then approved by Session January 2014.


This Covenant provides guidelines for the conduct of persons who would be in contact with children and youth as a normal part of their function – volunteers, workers and staff. To be approved for a three year term in this function, all must sign an agreement to abide by the Covenant, and those over 18 must allow a background check.  The committee maintains a database of approved persons, as well as safe storage of sensitive application documents.  Information for other organizations using church facilities is also kept.

Our committee of three members reviews the Covenant yearly and makes updates as needed.

To date, over 200 members have been registered for at least one term as an approved volunteer.