A Word from Pastor Eric

The Gospel passage for this coming Sunday recounts the feeding of the five thousand.  This miracle appears in all four gospels and reminds us of the great importance of food, feeding, and physical nourishment.  It is a reality for the massive crowd on the Galilean sea shore, and for those who live in our Delaware, and truly everywhere, that food is necessary for life.  Jesus will go on to offer his disciples the bread of life, his very self, and extend that spiritual nourishment to the disciples and the crowd as well.  As a church, we are also called to offer both physical and spiritual nourishment.  We cook chili for Emmanuel Dining Room and we host bible studies, we collect food for the Foodbank of Delaware and we worship, we eat cookies at fellowship hour and we host Sunday school, we support Meals on Wheels and we pray for the needs of the world and our community.  While these activities may seem disconnected, Jesus reminds us that nourishment is both physical and spiritual and as the church we respond to both of those needs together!