A Word from Pastor Randy

With my time at Red Clay quickly coming to a close, I’ve been cleaning out my office, packing up my belongings and getting ready to set up a new office at Second Presbyterian in Baltimore.  The cleaning and packing I’ve been doing has pushed me to ponder whether or not I really need all that I have, and whether sometimes our belongs actually weigh us down rather than lift us up.  In the course of packing I’ve done a lot of throwing away of things I no longer need or want.  With each item I discard, I end up lightening the load I will carry to a new place. 

When Jesus sent his apostles out he told them to carry nothing with them—no food, no bag, not even a change of clothes. The load they carried on their journey was very light.  But what they did take with them was the knowledge of the love of God, the memories of being in Jesus’ earthly presence, and trust that God would provide.  And, Jesus also sent them out by twos so that they had a companion with them on the road.

What do we really need to journey faithfully into tomorrow?  Perhaps it’s nothing more than an abiding sense of God’s presence, trust in God’s love and provision, along with a few companions too.  As it turns out, it’s actually a fairly light load that we need to carry with us as we move into a new day with new challenges and new opportunities. 



The Presbytery policy on departing pastors can be found here.  Please read it if you have not yet done so.