A Word from the Pastor - August 6, 2020

In the story that we will consider this coming Sunday found in Matthew 14, Jesus directed his disciples to get in a boat while he went to pray.  The waters were choppy that night and as the disciples were holding onto the boat and trying to stay afloat, they saw a figure walking on the water. Not recognizing the man that was on the water they declared that they were seeing a ghost.  It turned out, however, that it was no ghost walking on the water, but the Savior.   I suspect they didn’t recognize Jesus as Jesus was coming toward them because they were frightened.  Fear can blind us to new possibilities sometimes.  I suspect also that they didn’t recognize Jesus because they had never seen anyone walk on the water before.  If they had never witnessed anyone walking on water before,  what would have made them be open to it happening that morning?   It makes me wonder, what keeps us from recognizing Jesus?

The past few months have not been easy for anyone.  Isolated and frightened of a very real and very deadly virus, getting used to wearing masks and physically distancing ourselves, missing restaurants and movies, I wonder if we have seen Jesus in these days.  If Jesus was willing to walk across water in the midst of a storm on a lake to be with his disciples, surely Jesus is walking toward us even in pandemic times.  Have we seen Jesus in these past few weeks?  Have we recognized Jesus during this pandemic?  I hope so!