A Word from the Pastor

During the recent Food Drive-Thru it was a joy to be able to wave or speak to many of you (masked, and from a distance, of course) as you dropped off food.   Although I wasn’t able to greet everyone who dropped off food, on behalf of Reach and the Session I want to say how grateful we are for each donation.   Although we are not physically in our building and there are no “in person” activities at Red Clay, we do continue to engage in vital mission and ministry -- we feed the hungry, study the Bible,  worship, care for one another, and all the things that vital churches do.  The pandemic has forced us to leave the building but it has not stopped us from being the church!   And, at least in terms of worship, our reach has actually expanded.  We consistently have more people participate in our livestream service now than we would typically have in “in person” worship at this time of year.  And, we also know that there are people who have moved away from Red Clay who are now participating in worship with us regularly as well as some folks who have no historic connection with the church and who live both in our community and far away. 

These days I’m finding that a lot of you are asking the same questions about where things stand, and so I want to invite you to join me on a Congregational Zoom on Monday, August 3 at 7:00 PM so that I can share some updates with everyone.   Not only will it be an opportunity for me to give you some updates about what’s going on now and what’s on the horizon at Red Clay, but since we are Zooming you will be able to see the faces that you miss seeing when we don’t gather in the building.  I hope you will join me!