A Word from the Pastor

One significant task of an interim time in a Presbyterian Church is discernment. As a church moves through the time between settled pastors, it is important to understand anew how that congregation is called to be a witness to God's love and grace in a world that constantly changes. During this particular interim time at Red Clay, we are utilizing reVision as our discernment and visioning process. Unfortunately, the pandemic did slow the movement through the process but we are now moving "full steam ahead" again. As the congregation continues to narrow the focus and work together to discern God's calling, we are now at the point in reVision where we will be developing very specific ministry plans for the potential ministry initiatives that have arisen as a result of the small group work this past winter and the Congregational Summit this past Sunday.

The six potential initiatives that are either brand new for Red Clay or which are already part of our congregational life but which stand to be significantly re-tooled to meet the needs of this new day are follows:

  • Social/ Wellbeing hub for older adults in the community
  • Accessibility (building, tech, program for those with special needs)
  • Developing greater collaboration with other churches in our community
  • Embracing diversity
  • Meeting needs of younger families with children in our community
  • Re-imagining youth ministry in our community

We invite you to join a team that develops a ministry plan for one of these initiatives. The ministry plans include such things as goals, program descriptions, and costs associated with those programs.   We anticipate that the teams will meet approximately four times over the next two months and that there will be work done by email between meetings.   If you wish to be on a team, please sign up by this Monday, September 21st

 You can sign up to be on one of those teams by clicking HERE.