A Word from the Pastor

For months we have been preparing for the election.  Television has been full of political ads, and most of us have found our phones ringing off the hook with candidates calling to solicit our vote.  Many of us have knocked on doors, made phone calls, sent texts, put signs in our yards, and sent money to support particular candidates.  As I write this article, the preparation and the election are both over and we are waiting – waiting for the outcome of the election to be known when all the votes are tabulated. 

Waiting is not always easy.  Whether it is waiting for votes to be counted, or waiting for the results of a medical test to come back, or waiting for a graduation celebration, or waiting for the end of the pandemic, waiting can be hard. 

The parable we will look at on Sunday  found in Matthew 25 about  ten bridesmaids waiting for a feast invites us  to think about how we prepare for the future that God has promised, and then how we wait for it.  Because waiting can be difficult, it becomes important that we find a source of strength to get through those hours, days, and weeks of waiting.    What helps you wait with faith and hope when the wait is long, and the days are dark?   Some find that scripture and prayer help.  Others find that focusing on the needs of others helps. For some, Christian practices such as journaling or fasting provides the fuel needed to wait.  What have you found helps you wait when the wait is long and hard?

Jesus never promised that we would see results quickly.  But Jesus did promise us a day and a time when all would be made well, when peace would flower, and justice would bloom brightly.   And so, we wait for that day.  But as we wait, we prepare for it by finding ways to express this hope with our time, our resources, our energy and our prayers.