From the Pastor

Twenty years ago our world changed.  Everyone of us over twenty five can remember where we were and what was happening.  We watched in horror as those two proud buildings were rammed and collapsed.  Watching on the television it looked like a scene out of an action movie– but it wasn’t make believe.  It was real.  I suspect most of us knows someone who was killed that day or who lost someone they knew, someone they loved.  We became less trusting.  Our President told us this wasn’t all Muslims, just a radical fringe. We tried to believe that but we also wanted to be angry at someone who had shattered our world.  It has been an ongoing struggle for Americans.  And for Christians.  Our Lord calls us to love all God’s children, to forgive because we have experienced forgiveness.  Forgiveness does not mean there are not consequences, and those who planned and carried out that destruction have borne the consequences.  The call for us is to regain our trust in others, especially those who are different, and to let go of the anger.

Neta Lindsay Pringle