A Word from the Pastor

This coming Sunday is Pentecost, the day when the church remembers the gift of the Spirit. In worship we will read the story of the Pentecost as Luke records it in the book of Acts.  As I read that story, it is clear to me that the gift of the Spirit was a gift given to the community, which helped form the community and which empowered that community to be Christ’s witnesses in the world.  In Paul’s letter to the Corinthians he says that there are varieties of gifts of the Spirit but that they are given for the common good (see I Cor. 12).   What gifts of the Spirit do you have? What gifts of the Spirit does the Red Clay community have?  How are we called to use those gifts for the common good?  Moving through a pandemic, what new ways may we be called to use our gifts for the common good in the middle of the pandemic and once the pandemic is over.  It’s worth thinking about and talking about too!