Cancer, Now What?

CANCER NOW WHAT?  A book by Kenneth C. Haugk, Ph.D.

A practical guide for those with cancer and their loved ones

Taking Action, Finding Hope, and Navigating the Journey Ahead

Hearing a cancer diagnosis can turn your world upside down.  You may be asked to decide which treatment or medication you will agree to first.  The words you hear may sound completely unfamiliar to you.  The medical staff will mostly be unknown to you.  It is a lot to take in as you wrestle with the fact that you or someone you love will be battling cancer. 

This book can help you sort out what you may be feeling with what you need to do first.  I like how this book is written in a helpful format that lets you read topics as they are relevant to you.  It helps with such topics as “How to tell others about your cancer diagnosis” and helping you ask medical questions.  This book also discusses some emotional, relational, and spiritual challenges many people face.  It reminds you that you are normal and you are not alone.

This book was written with you in mind.  You who have received the cancer diagnosis, you the caregiver of your loved one,  you the family or friend who doesn’t know what to do.

If you are interested in looking at this book or would like a copy please contact, Leslie Gast (, 302-239-2006) or Suzanne Courter-Jann (, 302-530-3468).  You may also leave a message with the office or discuss with one of our Pastors.  This is your journey and your story-all requests will remain confidential.