Fitting Together

It's amazing what a little water can do.  The current of the Colorado River forming the Grand Canyon and the slow and steady drips found in caves and caverns that create stalagmites the size of small buildings are both testaments to the power of a little bit of water.  You know what else a little bit of water can do...? - ruin a picnic. The plan for today was to work through the entire morning at our different sites and then all meet up at a park called Kenowatha, that has a beautiful lake, for a fun filled afternoon of swimming, games, and a cookout.  But what happened 15 minutes after the first van arrived?  Rain.

The same rain that we had been fearing all week because we hoped it wouldn't disrupt any of the work sites - found us right when lunch was being served. The safe, and probably expected assumption, to make was that a damper was going to come over the group.  Maybe people were going to choose to hang out in their vans and not get a chance to enjoy the park.  But what actually happened was the exact opposite.  It was as if the rain was testing our group to see how strong we were.  As more and more rain fell, and more and more of our group showed up, the tiny space under a small grouping of trees became even more livelier and inviting.  Our group was saying to the rain, "this spirit is too strong to be broken".  We found a way to all fit together in spite of the plans that mother nature might have had for us.

That's the image we've taken on so far.  Fitting together in spite of...

Tonight during our devotionals we talked about the difference between fitting in and and fitting together.  We're not called to "fit in".  In fitting in we're giving up the part of us that is unique.  If we work toward fitting together we find ways to compliment our difference and hopefully become a better functioning group.

As I look back at the image of our entire group huddled under a few tress, laughing and joking, I don't see 67 people trying to fit into a small space to avoid a little drizzle.  I see 67 people fitting together and turning a potentially miserable afternoon into a great one.



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