Five Faces on the Way - Introduction

Imagine if you only saw your cousins on major holidays.

You wouldn't get to know them very well, would you?

For some, that wont be difficult to imagine at all - because that is your reality.

Chances are that you know a little about those cousins. Maybe you know that they are married or what they do for a living, but you don't know them with any depth. You might think about how nice it would be to get to know them and you might even make a mental note to try to keep in touch between holiday visits. Most of the time that inner promise gets forgotten until the next holiday when you make it again.

The same can be said of many of the most prominent biblical characters. They exist as some perceived distance until one major religious holiday or another when they come to the forefront and think, "I bet it would be nice to get to know you better."

This is especially true with the characters involved in the Easter story. We cram almost everyone into a two-weekend fly-by and end up doing only a surface treatment of one person or another. One year we might get to know Peter and the next year we sit down with women at the tomb, but mostly we just exchange pleasantries.

This year, though, we plan to carve out some quality time.

Our sermon series, "Five Faces on the Way", is meant to offer us a chance to ask good questions and gather new insights about five of the most intriguing members of the "Passion of Christ" family.

This Sunday we will visit with Pilate and next Sunday John Molina-Moore will introduce us to Simon of Cyrene. On March 6th we will see how Peter has been and on March 13 Edee will check in on the Centurion's wife. We close the series with the Thief on the Cross on March 20, Palm Sunday.

We hope you will join our Sunday morning family reunions, the resemblances that we share with these estranged characters are sure to shock us and shape us!