From Pastor Eric

Our text for this coming Sunday comes from the book of 1st Kings, and in this passage Solomon asks God for an understanding mind, and the ability to discern good from evil. What he is ultimately asking for is wisdom; not wealth, power, offspring, longevity, or peace, but wisdom.   These days, I too have been praying to God for wisdom.  With COVID cases rising, variants becoming more prevalent, vaccinated individuals spreading variants, community spread in New Castle County shifting from low to substantial to now high, ICU’s filling up, children being hospitalized across the country.  I also recognize the reality that I am sure many of you may feel like I am a broken record, are mentally fatigued by the past 18 months, and would rather never hear the word COVID ever again. However, we are not out of the pandemic yet and in fact the seven-day average of new cases on August 10, 2021 was over 100,000 compared to around 50,000 a year ago, so not only are we not past the pandemic, by some metrics it is worse.

So, let our prayer be like Solomon, and ask for God to give us wisdom; wisdom on how best to navigate the future, and how we can be the most loving and caring to our neighbors and the most vulnerable in our society.  And I am sure this is not the last time I will write, or say it, but please wear your masks, get vaccinated if possible, keep your distance whenever possible and lovingly care for your own health, and also care for the health of others, because we are still in this together.