From Pastor Eric

How do we care for one another?  This is a question that the Bible both asks us and answers time and again.

This coming Sunday is Stephen Ministry Sunday at Red Clay.  It is a day that we are helped in worship by our Stephen Leaders and Stephen Ministers and we think together about what does Christian caregiving look like.  Providing care in the form of a trained lay person who meets one on one with confidential conversation, prayer, and active listening.  Stephen Ministry is just one of the ways that we care for this community of faith.

So, how else do we take care of one another?  We do so not alone, but together. The text for Sunday’s service comes from the book of Numbers, and it establishes 70 elders to work alongside Moses to take care of the Israelites as they journey toward the promised land.  We have so many people who work together to care for this congregation: Stephen Ministers, Deacons, the Session, our committees, the hospital visitation team, those who make food, those who make sure the temperature in the building is appropriate, those who teach our young people, those who wear a mask, and all those who think about and love their neighbors.  There is no one right way to care, but we do know that we do so as a community. 

Pastor Eric