From Pastor Neta

For the last thirteen years my husband, John Potter, and I have had a partnership relationship with a small Presbyterian church in the small town of Placetas, Cuba – right in the middle of the island.  Until Covid hit John went three times a year – often taking folk from various churches in this Presbytery.  John Molina-Moore and the youth group here at Red Clay went several years ago.  I go about once a year.  This is different from the hammer and nails mission trips that many of us are used to.  We go to build a relationship, to learn about their lives and what it means to be the church in a country with such a very different political system and such limited resources.  “You are family!” they say, and mean it.  We stay in a private home, eat dinner in different homes, call in their homes, worship with them and attend whatever events the church has planned.  On a practical side we take things that are not readily available there—aspirin, vitamins, all the things we expect to keep in our medicine cabinets.  It is very humbling to be so welcomed, and we have come to call those visits Pilgrimages rather than mission trips because we come home so much richer.  Right now, things in Cuba are very difficult and we cannot go, but we are able to stay in touch via Facebook and emails, more importantly, we pray for them. 

Neta Pringle