Looking for Tom's Site

This year my job on the Mission to Maine team is to chronicle the daily progress on the worksites. On Monday, Nate, John, and I set out to meet each pod at their site to capture a “before” picture and grab a pod team shot.

Nate knows the back roads and how to find sites in the most remote parts of Farmington, Wilton, Industry, and Starks. We’d been given directions to Tom Whipple’s site, which happened to be not far from the Camp at the Eastward, and perhaps just a little further out from the Sparrow’s Nest. You know the the type of directions I’m referring to...up the road a ways, look for the sign for Olde Ferry Road, and turn right (or left for that matter). There was little or no service to support our GPS, we saw no road signs, and when we turned left at the address marked 98, we quickly realized that we’d entered a no trespassing zone. Needless to say, we travelled up and down that road for a good hour looking for the turn and just couldn’t find it. So, we headed back for dinner at the end of the day with apologies for not making it to the site. Tom, an easy going guy, didn’t seem bothered. But Nate, John, and I just had to get to the site on the next day.

On Tuesday, we set out again. Having confirmed with Tom and his pod leader, Elaine, we were sure that we had the right directions. Not so, another 30 minutes wandering around the country side! Familiar scenes passed by, but still we weren’t finding what we were looking for. So what could be clouding our vision. What were we missing? Finally, we made contact with Elaine and she gave the missing detail. Look for the green sign with the school bus icon. Aha, now we realized we just hadn’t gone far enough to find Olde Ferry Road.

We arrived at the address and found Tom and Elaine’s pod abuzz with workers yielding paint brushes  and sledge hammers. They were painting the house and demolishing a deck. More importantly, they were immersed in a friendly banter with their homeowner, Pat. It was truly wonderful to share in the generous spirit of this pod. This was an experience worth waiting to find--one that took a little more time to seek out.

So, when we are not quite seeing life the way we’d like to, or when things appear to be a little murky, maybe just sticking it out a little longer, going a little further up the road, or calling on a friend to shed a little light on a clouded vision is all we need to see life through a Jesus colored lens.


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