Join us on Sunday, November 13th at 10:00 am for ‘Recognition Sunday’ at Red Clay.  During this service, we will remember and recognize three very special groups of people.  First, we will recognize members of Red Clay who have been on our active member rolls for at least 50 years – our Senior Saints.  They are a gift to Red Clay and we want to acknowledge their living witness to Christ’s Church.  We will also give special attention to those who have held membership at Red Clay for 70 years or more. 

Second, we will recognize with gratitude those from our congregation who have served in the armed forces.  We hope to honor their commitment to protect our freedoms and Christ’s Church. If you are a veteran, we would love to know. Click HERE to fill out this brief form. We will also present two coins - one to the oldest and youngest veterans in attendance. These special coins are courtesy of the Assistant Adjutant General - Army, Brigadier General Carl Danberg.  He is a former Attorney General for Delaware and is currently Chief Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.

Finally, we will recognize our outgoing officers.  These deacons and elders have served our church during some of the most challenging of its 300 years.  

Following the service we ask all 3 groups to remain in the sanctuary to have their picture taken. 

Please make every effort to be present for this special service. After worship all are invited to join us for coffee hour and the opportunity to see old friends and share a visit.