Volunteers are Needed!

Mill Creek Outreach Partnership is a collaborative effort between St. John the Beloved’s Church Outreach Ministry, Community of Christ Church, Friendship House, and local churches like Red Clay that operate and support a program known as Table of Plenty. This mission program offers food and clothing to those in need who live between Route 141 and Polly Drummond Road, covering the entire Kirkwood Highway corridor. It is run out of the Community of Christ Church at 1205 Milltown Road in Wilmington, which provides both a drop-off point for donations and a place where people can find community and hospitality as well as food and clothing.

Table of Plenty needs your help! There are many ways to volunteer, whether onsite at the Community of Christ Church or serving remotely, in direct contact with clients or from “the back office.” See what interests you!

  • Sort and fold donated clothing by size, gender, and season on Mondays and Fridays (onsite, no client contact)
  • Assist clients with current clothing needs on Mondays and Fridays, including finding sizes, merchandising, and inventory control (onsite, client contact)
  • Pack bags of food in accordance with the Food Bank of Delaware’s guidelines for distribution on Fridays (onsite, no client contact)
  • Check in clients on Mondays and distribute food bags and miscellaneous items including fresh produce (onsite, client contact)
  • Empowerment Programming Coordinator – Implement and schedule empowerment programming as needed (remote, no client contact)
  • Translator – Provide Spanish/English translation service on Mondays (onsite, client contact)

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Sue Gleason. You can also visit the Table of Plenty website to learn more about this ministry. 

Thank you for doing awesome things!