What's Next for Red Clay? ReVision Update

We are getting ready to take the next step in our reVision discernment process and I hope that you will be a part of this endeavor. On September 13, 2 pm – 4 pm there will be a Congregational Summit via Zoom.  At this meeting we will begin to explore the potential ministry priorities for Red Clay that arose out of the work the small groups did in the winter.   You will need to pre-register to participate in the Summit. During this Summit we will break up into small break-out groups and each group will begin to brainstorm one of the potential ministry priorities   Because of the electronic format of this Summit, you will be assigned to participate in a break-out group based on the ministry priorities you indicate having an interest in when you pre-register.  Please be aware that because this is an electronic Summit all participants who share one device (phone, computer, iPad) will need to participate together in the same small break-out group.   I anticipate that we will open the pre-registration process next week.

Any of the ministry priorities around which there is insufficient interest or energy by Summit participants to pursue will eliminated as a potential major direction for our church.  Following the Summit, ministry plans then will be developed for each priority for which there was sufficient energy and interest to continue to pursue.   These ministry plans will include such things as potential financial cost, space and staffing needs, types of programs that might be created and implemented, etc.   Once the ministry plans are complete there will be a second congregational Summit (hopefully in November) during which the plans will be presented to, and prioritized by, the congregation.

How does this fit with the calling of your next settled Pastor?  The reVision work and priorities that arise from it will form a significant part of the required Mission Study and also will give some clear direction regarding the particular skills and gifts your next Pastor needs to have to help you implement and live  into those priorities.    Once the Mission Study is complete and approved by Session and Presbytery, the congregation will have permission from Presbytery to elect a PNC.

I really hope you will participate in the Summit in September and also work on one of the teams to develop ministry plans between the first and second Summits. Not only will the ministry of the congregation be advanced if we have strong participation, but participants will also be helping the congregation move as quickly as possible toward the election of a Pastor Nominating Committee and in the process, hopefully find their own faith strengthened and their connections to the church enhanced.