Workcamp Comes to Wilmington

A very large workcamp mission to Wilmington is being sponsored by St. Barnabas and Limestone churches for the week of July 1-7. More than 250 youth work campers will be coming  to the Wilmington area to work on area homes, most in the Kirkwood highway corridor.   Youth Campers will be staying at McKean HS for that week and will break into teams of 5-7 to work on area homes.  This is very similar to our Mission to Maine workcamp experience, except in out own backyard.

A team from Limestone and St Barnabas has received more than 75 applications for home projects for those in need and have vetted those to about 45 viable work camp projects.   They are seeking additional help from experienced adults willing to help with these projects at the work sites, as well as hospitality support in the form of hydration support teams to visit the camp sites.  The overall program is organized and supervised by an outside work camp organization experienced in these type of youth workcamp experiences nationwide.  Red Clay has provided financial support for worksite materials and will be providing 5-6 experienced work site supervisors to help coordinate work at the camp sites.  Additional work site volunteers along with hospitality support is requested.  Please consider some of the volunteer opportunities listed below and if interested please contact our office at or John Gast ( with where you would be interested in participating.  Red Clay has vast work camp experience and this is a great way to help put that to action locally and keep our tradition of work camp support alive and well.   

Some of the available jobs include:

Precamp week (week of June 24)

Set up crew -  preposition materials, contact residents, discuss work to be done with residents, help set up McKean classrooms for campers

Hospitality - Precamp staff meal - provide dish or help serve June 30th precamp staff meal

Precamp support - prepare snack bags, set up for T shirt distribution, camper onboarding, etc.

House out of town camp staffers for Pre week.

Red Clay food support coordinator - coordinate a Red Clay response to snack and meal needs

Camp week (July 1-7)

Local Project Advisor - interface between camp staff and local site coaches to solve problems, provide support and back up.

Local Work-Site coaches - work with campers at local site to help support and coordinate project

Hospitality- Participate in twice daily hydration teams delivering and preparing snacks to work sites.

Provide support services to campers at McKean - help unload and move luggage, decorate rooms, check in guides, serve as pool lifeguard (licensed lifeguards needed for swimming activities)

Postcamp week (week of July 8)

Construction Clean up crew - button up work sites, return to original condition

Post Camp construction - complete unfinished projects or make corrections as needed

Donations for snacks bags (cookies, brownies, etc.) are also needed.  

Critical is someone willing to coordinate the overall Red Clay response to food and snack.   If interested in this role you will be connected to Limestones coordinator for all hospitality activities.

Help Red Clay to continue its great tradition of work camps to support local housing needs.   A Mission to Wilmington is coming and Red Clay is uniquely able to help provide support to this important mission to our community.