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Red Clay Creek Presbyterian Church began in 1722, but the church didn’t receive its first pastor until 33 years after its organization. That pastor was Rev. William McKennan. In one of his first sermons to the church, he preached:

Let us labor at the throne of grace ... with diligent use of all the outward and ordinary means, whereby Christ communes to his children and true followers the real benefits of the new, and well ordered condition of Grace: and thus – “Press forward to the mark for the prize is the high calling in Christ Jesus.” His words have stood the test of time and apply to us today.

As we embark on our 2023 Annual Giving Campaign, we do so as McKennan implored, laboring together  at the throne of grace, with diligent use of outward and ordinary means ... pressing forward.

Our history book tells us that the church was small in number and feeble in strength under McKennan’s leadership. He never had more than 20 people who contributed to the support of their common ministry. And yet, they pressed forward.

Time and time again, this has been the story of our church. Through changing pastors and demographics, through community challenges and great accomplishment, and through a world history that has included great wars, economic upheavals, and global pandemics, ours is a community that has always pressed forward.”

We are blessed to look back and be inspired by the generosity of the generations that came before us. I hope that when future members look back, maybe at the 400th anniversary, they will say the same of us.  There is no limit to what we can achieve – if we all come together under one of the first admonitions from the first pastor of our church and ... press forward.

Stay warm,

Pastor Nate

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2023 Commitment
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Pledge Card - Online or Printable

We invite you to make a financial commitment to God’s work through Red Clay by making a financial pledge for 2023.    While this pledge is an opportunity for us to commit ourselves to support the mission and ministry of Red Clay Creek Presbyterian Church, it also represents an opportunity to pray for our church and our outreach. One of things we are hopeful you will do is spend time reflecting on your own patterns of stewardship and how God is calling you to give this year.



Giving Update

Red Clay Creek thanks those who have been consistent and faithful stewards to the church this past year.  Red Clay Creek would like to thank everyone who has already pledged toward the new operating budget.  This commitment helps enable this church to fulfill its dreams and programs. 

If you haven’t already pledged or made a donation, we hope you will prayerfully consider making a commitment. The committees: Belong, Nurture, Reach and Rejoice are all doing wonderful work, with opportunities for worship, for mission, for education, and for fun. We need your support to keep it all going. We're grateful that you are here, and thankful for all you contribute to our church community. Questions? Contact the office at 302.998.0434. 


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Stories and Resources



Legacy Giving

Red Clay provides members and friends with an opportunity to invest in a lasting legacy by contribution to professionally managed accounts which fund extended mission work, benevolences, and special projects that will ensure Christ’s work continues through RCCPC and beyond.


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Other Giving Options



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Planned Giving Including
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RCCPC Legacy Giving

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Giving Through Serving

Red Clay’s vision of Reach, Nurture, Rejoice and Belong are more than doing mission work or service projects—it is about the people of God bringing the Kingdom of God to bear in all that we are and do. Acts of service are a tangible way to love out our faith in the church, in the community, and in the world.

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