Meeting Ground

 Group Leader: Leslie Gast

On the Move pic2What would it be like if you were always on the move? If you had no safe place to keep your important papers, or pictures that were special to you? If your life were stored in a trash bag? One man told a friend of mine that when you carried your life around in a trash bag, it kind of made you feel like trash.                              

With summer on the horizon and hopes turning toward the possibility of travel, you may find yourself searching through closets and attics and taking stock of luggage, duffel bags, and backpacks. Maybe you have pieces that you don’t need anymore. If they are in good working order (clean, with no broken zippers, latches, straps, handles, etc.), please consider donating them to help people who are experiencing homelessness in the Newark/Cecil County areas so that they have safe and portable storage for their clothing and personal items. When unhoused people find themselves moving between shelter sites, it helps to have something to carry and keep their things in. Or a means of storing things in their car, if that is their home.

Meeting Ground is an organization in Elkton, Maryland that offers transitional housing for men, women, and children, emergency shelter, free lunches, and a day center where people can shower, collect their mail, launder their clothing, and connect with medical services and job search assistance. It has long been quietly supported by Red Clay and we would like to do more.

If you don’t have a piece of luggage, duffel bag, or backpack in nearly new condition, we encourage you to purchase something new to donate. It may not sound like much, but receiving something new raises the bar of dignity a little bit higher for those who too often find themselves in a second-hand place. If you can, tuck a few travel-sized toiletries and a hand towel and washcloth inside (nothing too heavy and no bar soap, please).

Our collection date is set for Sunday, May 2 from 12 to 1:00 pm by Founders Hall entrance. We know that’s down the road, but it will allow time for purchases to be made and to arrive, and we will post reminders over the next few weeks. If you have any questions, or want to learn more about Meeting Ground, or if you cannot drop your donations off on the collection date and need another option, please contact Leslie Gast at

Thank you all for helping Meeting Ground to do awesome things!


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