Pastor Nominating Committee

Committee: Patricia Christel, Suzanne Courter-Jann, Mark Cozine, Marcia Kelly, Lynn Moffett, Linda Neel, and Bill Sharp. 


Dear Members of Red Clay Creek Presbyterian Church,

We, the PNC, are delighted to unanimously recommend our candidate, the Reverend Doctor Nathaniel D. Phillips, as Senior Pastor/Head of Staff of Red Clay Creek Presbyterian Church. We have worked together and prayed together for the past twelve months seeking God’s will for the mission and ministry of Red Clay in this new stage of our congregation’s life. This discernment process has led us, step by step, along a path that we never anticipated. The journey required us to carefully and prayerfully review the credentials of thirty-five potential candidates. We were seeking an individual who has great presence in the pulpit, is theologically aligned with our congregation, and who has experience leading a missional church. Following much prayerful discussion and review we realized that God was showing us the path forward and it was up to us to follow His lead. Our candidate is familiar to many of us. We have witnessed first-hand his spirit-filled enthusiasm and deep faith. He brings to us all of the characteristics we identified earlier and more. Over the past five years, we have taken the time to look at ourselves and to adjust our focus.  We have changed. Over the past five years, Nate has led a 1600-member church with a staff of thirty-five.  He has changed.  Together we are poised for a future where we are a forward-thinking, outward-facing church where all are welcome, and anything is possible.