To Reach the Last House on the Last Road

Red Clay has a strong tradition of taking mission on the road, and short-term mission trips are a big part of that tradition. Each year volunteers - young and old - donate a week of time to go to different areas of the country to build relationships and offer assistance with emergency housing needs. We find that God uses these trips to transform:

Our partners. “I can’t believe you came all this way to help me.” This is one of the most common phrases that we hear from the folks that we meet. We are encouraged in our work daily by the hospitality and graciousness that we receive from our partners.

Our hearts. Over and over again, mission trippers return home with new friendships and new hope for how God is working in the world.

Our community. Our church is strengthened by the cross-generational relationships formed on our trips. When we travel together, we find our way home together. Through the trips, God gives the gift of a church home to people of all walks of life.


Due to the pandemic our 2020/2021 mission trips had to be postponed, but we look forward to rescheduling them in the future!






youth mission trip

Youth/Adult Mission Trip

To Be Determined