Our Beliefs

Rooted in Love, Lighting the Way

Our Mission: Rooted in God's abiding love for all, our church is lighting the way for friendship, compassion, and service.

Our Vision: We aspire to be a community where good questions are asked, the meaning-filled gospel of Jesus is lived out, and a sense of boundless love and home is found for every person.

Our Logo


Our church has "roots" in the community that date back to 1722. We have been a good neighbor in the community during times when we were surrounded by farmland up until now when we are surrounded by the suburbs. Our history helps us remember a time when people helped one another out because that was the right thing to do. We hope to be a sign that this kind of community can still exist. We also believe that, in order for that community to exist, we need to stay "rooted" in the Good News that God has chosen to love us - not because of who we are, but because of who God is. We call that grace.


That is where the "rays" come in. We hope to extend our love, and the love we know from the graciousness of God, in many ways today. This means engaging in friendships with those that Jesus would have made friends with - those that feel isolated for any number of reasons. We know we will never be perfect at that, but we will try! We are especially aware that churches have long held back from friendship with others based on age, economics, sexuality, race, disability, and the list goes on. We want to be something different than that. There are so many stories about how Jesus entered into life-affirming friendships with those that others wouldn't. We seek to be like Jesus.


Right there, in the center of it all, is the cross. For us, the cross is a "Tree of Life." It represents how God broke into this world to establish a new way of being alive. It symbolizes how God calls us to love with freedom, with recklessness even, if it means connecting the world to the wonder of God's transformative presence.

The four colors of the logo represent our primary ministry programs - Belong, Nurture, Rejoice, and Reach. We have a thoughtful and organized approach to our work and we believe that we have well-established pathways for people to connect and contribute.

Our Pillars of Ministry

Our ministry takes shape from these pillars, inspired by the story found in John 21.


John 21:1-3

They get together on the boat.

Our BELONGing ministries bring people together for dinners, festivals, egg hunts, ice cream socials, membership classes, and the like as we seek to enrich our life as a community.


John 21:4-7

Jesus teaches them to fish.

Like the disciples who learned a new way to fish, we stay open to what Jesus might teach us in our classes, groups, camps, pilgrimages, and other NURTURE ministries.


John 21:8-14

They meet Jesus on the shore.

We long for a "shoreline" experiential encounter with God through our worship services and music program. We REJOICE that God still longs to meet us and nourish us.


John 21:15-17

Jesus sends them out to love.

We are committed to REACHing out to help those, near and far, with varying concerns, hopes, fears, and dreams, as we do our best to share the generous love of God.


Red Clay Creek is a congregation affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA) and our core beliefs are strong. Among these are the sovereignty of God, the authority of the scripture, justification by grace through faith and the ministry of all believers. What they mean is God's purpose for humanity comes from the Bible, particularly what is revealed in the New Testament through the life of Jesus Christ. Our salvation through Jesus is God's generous gift to us, and not the result of our own accomplishments. It is everyone's job, ministers and lay people alike, to share this good news with the whole world. That is also why the Presbyterian Church is governed at all levels by a combination of clergy and laity, men and women alike.

As a community of faith, the Red Clay congregation is warm and welcoming, open and inclusive of all ages and backgrounds, active and diverse in service of Christ and his kingdom.